Teachers await guidance on new ISTEP format

INDIANAPOLIS - Students aren't the only ones with jitters as they head back to class.

Teachers are anxiously awaiting word on how to move forward with preparing kids for ISTEP.

For the third time since 2009, students face an overhauled exam; the new test will assess their knowledge of Indiana's newly adopted math and English benchmarks.

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But it could be September or later before examples of the questions and the new format are available to teachers, giving them just five months to prepare.

Teachers and district administrators worry the quick changes could negatively impact them and their students.

Student performance on ISTEP helps determine whether teachers get a raise, and it also determines how schools are graded by the state's A to F rating system.

The new test must be given this school year in order for the state to maintain its waiver from the No Child Left Behind law.

Students will face a different test next school year, too.

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