Delph Twitter war stretches into 3rd day

Says idea of natural rights has been 'perverted'

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana State Senator Mike Delph's war of tweets over HJR-3 showed no signs of slowing Saturday as his prolific posts stretched into a third day.

Late Thursday, Delph took to Twitter to vent his frustration over a Senate move that delayed a statewide vote on a gay marriage ban for at least two years.

Delph championed the ban, which originally included language that would also bar civil unions.

Delph drew fire Saturday for suggesting that nothing in HJR-3 would prevent a same-sex couple from solidifying their relationship in a "contract."

"A contract? I am not signing up for a bathroom remodel or a home renovation. I am in a loving, committed relationship," tweeted a user by the handle of @situationgray. "We own a home together, been in a relationship for 14 years, and I was present for our children's births as well as when they were conceived."

On Thursday, Delph lashed out at members of his own party, the media and the "self absorbed Godless culture that is fast tracking our nation to ruin." His focus Saturday shifted to the idea of natural rights, which he said had been "perverted" to include things like clean air and water and health benefits.

"Natural rights come from God and govts. are instituted amongst men to protect those rights. Same God as in the Holy Bible," Delph Tweeted.

Delph went on to say that many of the Founding Fathers were wary of including a Bill of Rights in the constitution "for fear of leaving something out."

"But the liberal view of rights to clean water, air, a decent job, a house, car, health benefits is a modern perversion," Delph said.

When asked for further comment by RTV6, Delph tweeted, "Not everything is a right. I'll leave it at that for now."

The senator's brother, Stephen Delph – who is openly gay – told RTV6 Friday that he doesn't believe the senator is homophobic or anti-gay.

"I will tell you, over the last several years he has met boyfriends of mine and he has been very cordial. He has seen me in full drag," Stephen Delph said. "He has a different view on his faith and he has a very conservative view of the sanctity of marriage."

Stephen Delph said he is more concerned about the vulgarities that have been sent to his four nieces, Mike Delph’s daughters, and the Delph family -- he wants those to stop.

"I can support my brother, and this being a free nation, he can believe what he believes and I can believe what I believe, and still love each other as brothers," Stephen Delph said. "He has never called me an abomination, he has never called me evil, he's never told me I'm going to hell. He's never told me not to be my true self."

Delph denied interview requests on Friday, but tweeted that he will make an announcement Monday morning "that you won't want to miss."

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