Wells' family reacts to court ruling in Bisard case


The family of Eric Wells, the motorcyclist killed in the August 2010 crash with David Bisard, applauded the appeals court decision.

Even though Aaron Wells lives in Florida, he has attended most of the hearings and is a very engaged follower of this case.

He told RTV6's Jack Rinehart by phone Wednesday that he's very, very pleased by the appeals court decision.

Aaron Wells and his family have waited two years for Wednesday's ruling. He vividly recalls an August 2010 meeting with then Prosecutor Carl Brizzi about his decision to drop the alcohol-related charges.

"We went to the former Prosecutor, Carl Brizzi, and pleaded with him to let the courts review this and he chose to not even get a decision from Judge Hakwins, but rather to drop these charges," Aaron Wells said.

For the Wells family, it would become the first setback in a case full of setbacks that included, among other issues, an FBI report that stated that there was no cover-up, and no witness testimony that Bisard had even been drinking.

Most recently, there was the revelation this spring that Metro police had mishandled the second vial of Bisard's blood, leaving it unrefrigerated for five months on a shelf in the property room.

"We don't know what all the circumstances are. But are we going to go with he wasn't drinking or he wasn't staggering? Or, are we going to go with a blood count that shows he was impaired? I think I'll take the blood count," Aaron Wells said.

For the Wells family, the appeals court ruling gives them a taste of victory, and for the first time since their son died, hope that justice will be served.

"He's obviously not going to come forward on his own and be truthful. As he sits back and claims to be innocent of all charges, now he's forced to tell the truth," Aaron Wells said.  

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