Ten Point Coalition leader defends Attorney General Curtis Hill

Posted: 12:39 PM, Jul 05, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-05 13:06:58-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Rev. Charles Harrison, the leader of the Ten Point Coalition, said Attorney General Curtis Hill has always had "honorable" conduct around women when they've been together. 

An eight-page memo outlines allegations of sexual misconduct against Hill, which allegedly happened on March 15. The memo states that a lawmaker and three legislative staffers said Hill inappropriately touched them at a party shortly after Indiana’s legislative session came to a close.

"I interacted with several people - talking, laughing, and telling stories," Hill said in a statement. "At no time was my behavior inappropriate nor did I touch anyone in an inappropriate manner."

The Ten Point Coalition is an Indianapolis-based crime-fighting organization that has received backing from Hill in recent years. Hill helped secure funding for the group's efforts in reducing gun violence in Indianapolis and Gary. 

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When asked about the allegations against Hill, Harrison released the following statement:

“First let me say I am against any kind of sexual harassment, and I believe that this kind of conduct has no place in our society. I have known Attorney General Curtis Hill Jr for several years now. I have often been with Attorney General Curtis Hill Jr in a lot of different settings, and I have never witnessed in my presence any kind of sexual misconduct toward women. Attorney General Hill has always been respectful and has conducted himself in appropriate ways around women. I can only speak to what I have witnessed, and in my presence Attorney General Hill's conduct has always been honorable.”

Joe Donnelly's Response

U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) also weighed in on the allegations but stopped short of calling for his resignation. He did say he believed the accounts of the accusers. 

Donnelly's full statement: 

"I believe the women, and I consider the findings of this investigation and Attorney General Hill's  conduct to be deeply troubling and inappropriate. Given his role as the state's chief law enforcement officer, Mr. Hill's behavior must remain above reproach, and his conduct as outlined in the investigation failed to meet that standard. Attorney General Hill needs to think through whether he can continue to effectively execute his duties as the state’s chief law enforcement officer."

Indiana Senate Democrats

All nine Democrats serving in the Indiana State Senate went further than Donnelly, calling on the attorney general to resign in a joint statement. 

The Senate Democrats released a statement, identical to the one made by Senate Democrat leader Tim Lanane on Tuesday. The statement calls Hill's alleged behavior "totally reprehensible."

The Senate Democrats released the following statement:

"When allegations against the Attorney General were first brought to my attention, I immediately supported my fellow leaders in conducting an investigation and pursuing legal advice as needed to protect and defend our staff.  The investigation was implemented quickly and taken seriously, with the utmost importance placed on the confidentiality of our staff, at their request. 

The Attorney General’s behavior was totally reprehensible and certainly calls into question his ability to carry out his duties as the chief law enforcement officer of the state.  The office and duties of the Attorney General call for the highest levels of ethics and unquestionable character and I believe Curtis Hill falls completely short of that standard.  

With that in mind, it is my belief that Curtis Hill can no longer adequately represent the best interest of Hoosiers nor effectively carry out his role and should resign from his position as Attorney General of Indiana.”

After John Zody, the chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, called on Hill to resign Tuesday, the attorney general responded by saying, "Let me be clear, I am not resigning my position as Attorney General."

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