Counting to 90: It's hot, but not historic

Posted: 7:33 PM, Jul 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-12 04:18:03Z
How do our hot temperatures stack up?
How do our hot temperatures stack up?

INDIANAPOLIS -- Do you think our spring and summer have been especially hot this year?  

If so, you're right!

Our 90 degree days are really adding up.

Since the end of May, we've reached into the 90s 19 times, surpassing our yearly average of 18 days.

What may add to the hot feel is that last year we made it into the 90s just 14 days and nearly half of those came in September.

While it has been hot, we're a far cry from cracking the record books, 58 is the most 90 degree plus days we've had in a single year and that was in 1983.  

The most recent 90-degree heavy year was 2012 which holds the third-place record with 51 days topping out in the 90s.  We even had a few days top 100 degrees that year. 

What does this tell us about the rest of the summer?  Well, there's plenty of time to add to this list and we aren't going to have to wait very long either.  

Another stretch of 90-degree heat is expected Friday through the weekend and near to above average temperatures (and a few more 90s) are anticipated through the end of July.

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