Henna studio opening in Irvington offers a unique cultural artform

Posted: 10:16 PM, Jun 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-20 18:30:49-04
Studio opening in Irvington offers henna
Studio opening in Irvington offers henna

IRVINGTON, Ind. -- Local henna artist, Carrie Schmidt, has been using her unique form of body art at local festivals around Indianapolis. 

In August, Renegade Henna will have a designated location with a new henna studio.

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Henna is an ancient beautification practice that originated centuries ago from India.  It has been practiced in other regions including Pakistan and other parts of the Middle East, and parts of Africa. 

In today’s modern society, henna is used for many reasons: weddings, holidays, and special occasions.

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"My business also carries a jagua gel which is a blue stain from the Amazon, so I like to incorporate a lot of ethnic traditions, not just in the art style that I practice but also in the patterns that I get inspiration from all over the globe," explains Schmidt.

Henna stains the skin for anywhere between one to two weeks.

Renegade Henna will have a booth in Vendor Village at Monumental Yoga on Thursday, June 21st. 

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