Donate your old campaign yard signs and help bring missing dogs home

Donate your campaign signs, help bring dogs home
Donate your campaign signs, help bring dogs home
Donate your campaign signs, help bring dogs home
Donate your campaign signs, help bring dogs home
Posted at 10:39 AM, Nov 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 13:49:00-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Finally, a good use for all those campaign yard signs. 

FIDO Lost Dog Recovery, part of Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, is asking for anybody with old campaign yard signs to donate them to the organization.

FIDO will re-use the signs to post on intersections to get awareness for missing dogs, said Angie List, the director of the FIDO Lost Dog Recovery program.

"We wanted to make sure those signs get re-used instead of thrown in the trash," List said. 

Intersection signs are the top way lost dogs get back home to their owners, just because of how many people see it as they drive past.

Putting up intersection signs is usually the last thing people with missing dogs do, the organization said. They are typically bought at retail for about $6 each, which can add up to hundreds of dollars, depending on how many signs are posted.

"A lot of times owners don't have the funds to buy those signs," List said. "Usually that's a very big unexpected expense."

The organization will staple bright-colored posterboard to the donated signs, add a dog photo and write "LOST DOG" with a phone number.

List said the reaction to the idea on Facebook has been fantastic.

"We are building such a broad support base on our page," she said. "I'm like 'Oh my goodness. There are people already ready to do this.' ... The people that follow our page are very passionate about getting dogs either back to their owners or getting strays off the streets into shelters where they're safe."

For anybody looking to donate signs, FIDO Lost Dog Recovery asks that you call 317-221-1314 and leave a voicemail before you arrive. They may be overwhelmed with signs.

Signs can be delivered to 1505 N Sherman Dr. Indianapolis. We are in the Charles C Brandt building on the southeast corner. You enter the parking lot from Sherman Drive. The FIDO door is just to the right of the bay doors as you enter the parking lot.

Please stack the signs neatly to the right of the FIDO pantry door. There is a mulched area where the signs can be placed. We want to make sure we keep the area tidy, as we share the space with Charles C Brandt. 

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