Will my Indianapolis street be resurfaced this year?

Posted: 7:59 AM, Feb 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-23 18:51:52Z
Will my Indianapolis street be resurfaced this year?

INDIANAPOLIS -- If you're waiting on bated breath for your street to be resurfaced, you may have your wish. 

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works has released its 2018 resurfacing schedule, the list of roads currently planned for repair. 

DPW is planning on repairing 90 miles of roads in 2018. In 2017, 78 miles were repaired. 

The total funding for the road projects this year is $88 million. 

Here is the list of projected resurfacing projects:

(Hint: Press Ctrl + F and type your street to search the page for it.)

Street From To
Delaware CSX Railroad Overpass Maryland St
20th St Cornell Ave Monon Trail
20th St Monon Trail Alvord St
20th St Alvord St Yandes St
38th St Emerson Ave Arlington Ave
Carroll Rd 62nd St Pendleton Pike
Minnesota St Eagle Creek Richland St
N White River Parkway W Dr RxR N Pershing Ave
64th St College Ave Monon Trail
Hague Rd Entrance #3 200' +/- NE of Entrance #3
Hillcrest Rd High Dr Willow Spring Rd
Tibbs Ave Morris St Washington St
Cranbrook Dr 71st St Allisonville Rd
Ferguson St 64th St 67th St
Galeston Ave Washington St dead end
Oakland Ave 11th St Nowland Ave
Rural St 10th St Brookside Pkwy NDR
Walnut St Alley 4725 E Emerson Ave
Westfield Blvd Riviera Dr 65th St
Westfield Blvd 65th St Shore Island Dr
Yellowwood Ct Brewster Rd Yellowwood Ct
56th St Emerson Way Old Colony Rd
38th St Keystone Ave Sherman Dr
30th St Post Rd Mitthoefer Rd
Mitthoefer Rd 21st St 38th St
30th St Raceway Rd Tansel Rd
42nd Kessler Blvd North Dr Sunmeadow Lane
88th St Lafayette Rd 7715 88th St
Beauport Rd Falcon Dr Fredonia Rd
Burmaster Ct Summerfield Dr cul-de-sac
Callan Dr McCarty Ct Deer Creek Ave
Cold Spring Rd 30th St 38th St
Eagle Bay NDR Eagle Bay WDR Eagle Creek Pkwy
Eagle Bay SDR Eagle Bay WDR Eagle Creek Pkwy
Eagle Bay WDR Eagle Bay SDR Eagle Bay NDR
Falcon Dr Fredonia Rd 30th St
Fall Creek Blvd Paris Ave Capitol Ave
Federalist Ct Dead End Liberty Creek Drive E
Fieldstone Ct Cul-de-sac Fieldstone Tr
Harcourt Rd Dugan Dr Katie Knox Dr
Harding St Burdsal Pkwy 30th St
High School Rd Kentucky Ave Hanna Ave
Kentucky Ave frontage road Rybolt Ave Foltz St
Liberty Creek Dr W Liberty Creek Dr E Colonist Cir 
Lynhurst Dr Vermont St 10th St
Minnesota St Lynhurst Dr Dunlap Ave
Oliver Ave Holt Rd Foltz Rd
Philadelphia Ct  Dead End Liberty Creek Drive W
Plainfield Ave Lynhurst Dr Morris St
Runningbrook Ct Cul-De-Sac Fieldstone Trace
Spice Bush Dr Burkwood Way Cul-de-sac
Thrasher Dr Deer Creek Dr Deer Creek Dr
Waldemere Ave McCarty St Delmar St
White Willow Ct Cul-de-sac Burkwood Way
25th St Keystone Ave Sherman Dr
33rd St Dead End W of Houston St Dead End E of Adams St
34th St Sherman Dr Emerson Ave
47th St Washington Blvd Central Ave
61st St College Ave Compton St
Adams St 33rd St 34th St
Bancroft St 31st St 32nd St
Brentwood Ave 34th St 36th St
Campbell Ave Kilmer Ln 81st St
Cresco St Craig St Dead End
Fall Creek Rd 500' east of Hague Rd 71st St
Forest Manor Ave 29th St 30th St
Hawthorne Ln 32nd St 33rd St
Hawthorne Park Dr Cul-De-Sac 71st St
Houston St 33rd St 34th St
Kenyon Dr 52nd Pl Brendon Park Dr
Raven Rock Dr Cul-de-sac 82nd St
Shadeland Station Shadeland Ave Shadeland Station Way
Staughton Dr Emerson Ave Eastbourne Dr
Vera Dr Allisonville Rd Pembroke Pl
Washington Blvd 40th St 43rd St
Beville Ave Alley 50 S Washington St
Bluff Rd Gimber St Southern Ave
Bolton Ave 23rd St 24th St
Carroll Rd Prospect Washington St
Cottage Ave State St Randolph St
Cragmont Dr Woodwind Dr Meridian Woods Blvd
Delaware St Raymond St Dead End
Graham Ave 23rd St 24th St
Graham Ave 24th St Dead End
Irvington Ave Washington St Julian Ave
Julian Ave Downey St Audubon Rd
Kay Ellen Dr Gemini Dr Mercury Dr
Keystone Ave Thompson Rd I-465
Meridian Woods Blvd Banta Rd Cragmont Dr
Michigan St Bradley Ave Emerson Ave
Minnesota St Sherman Dr Emerson Ave
Pleasant Run Pkwy NDR Bluff Rd Meridian St
Randolph St Walker Ave Raymond St
Raymond St Post Rd Davis Rd
Saturn Dr 25th St Cul-De-Sac
Southcreek Dr N 402 Southcreek Dr N Country Woods Dr
Southcreek Dr S 343 Southcreek Dr S Country Woods Dr
Union St Hill Valley Dr Valley View Dr
Woodwind Dr Banta Rd Cragmont Dr
Wright St Cottage Ave Sanders St
Central Ave Ft Wayne Ave 25th St
Central Ave 49th St 54th St
Central Ave 56th St Westfield Blvd
Central Ave 45th St 49th St
Central Ave 38th St 43rd St
Central Ave 54th St 56th St
82nd St Allisonville Rd Bash Rd
25th St Central Ave Keystone Ave
Kirkbride Way Tibbs Ave Steeples Blvd
Steeples Blvd 540' north of Kirkbride Way Vermont St
blackford New York Michigan
Michigan St White River Pkwy WDR West St
Michigan St West St Indiana Ave
West st New York St Indiana Ave 
Market St Alabama St East St
New Jersey St Washington St Ohio St

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